The first real
profit sharing platform

What is World Revshare?

World Revshare is the first real profit sharing platform. We don't only share our income from adpacks, we share all our income streams (from offerwalls, ad captcha, economic projects,...), We don't need to sell an adpack for shared our incomes with you, so we are not a ponzi.

What do you mean by economic project?

Each adpack plan = one project

Each time you buy an adpack we will invest at least 50% of the amount received. (ex : for an adpack of 10$, 5$ is invested)

One economic project can be a website, real estate, financial investments, etc.

We are the first revenue sharing platform doing this.

You can easily follow all our proof of investments with special page on the account navigation.

All proofs are real and can be verified.

What can be my income each day?

Good question! 

we are not a "become rich in one month" or "earn 6% per day within 60 business days" etc.

We share only our real income so if we don't have incomes for shared you will not receive earnings.

World Revshare share a percentage of the revenue sharing pool each day and you will get a part of this sharing until you get your return.

You will be paid each hour, each day of each month if our reserve pool have enough cash.

Each week we will calculated all our other incomes streams (offerwalls, ad captcha, projects, etc.) and add 50% of our profits in the revenue sharing pool, so your hourly rate will be increase each week.

The earnings at the begining of our project will be slow because we need to create some projects for generated recurring cash flow. After this steps your profits will be very higher each day.


Why only using payza?

We use only payza because it's one of the most biggest payment processor in the world and payza accept revenue sharing company.

The other reason is we don't want have thousand dollars in perfect money and other thousand dollars in payeer, etc.

All our funds are in payza and you get paid by payza.

What is the Adpack contest?

Adpack contest is the most funniest and the most profitable function ever created!

Each time an adpack is sold 10% of the adpack amount (if an adpack is sold 10$ the adpack contest is credited of 1$) is credited on the contest prize pool.

For each dollars spended on adpacks you will get one entries (1$ adpack = 1 entry, 100$ adpack = 100 entries, etc.)

At the end of the week the member who have the most entries earn 70% of the contest prize pool, the second 20% and the third 10%

We will give you an exemple :

We have an adpack plan at 10$ per pack, we sell 1000 adpacks at hundreds members, the member who have the most purchased adpacks have spend 500$ (50 adpacks) the second 20 adpacks, the third 10 adpacks, the total receive for 1000 adpack sold in the contest prize pool is 1000$, the first member will receive 700$ (70%), the second 200$, the third 100$

in this exemple the first member receive 140% of the investment without counting ANY earnings received each day from our revenue sharing pool, just by winning the contest.

It's the power of our contest!

Why my earnings is always lower each day?

It's simple, each day we share 0.25% of the revenue sharing pool each hour, so 6% per day. If we have a balance of 100$ monday, we share 6$, so 100$ - 6$ = 94$, Tuesday we share 6% of 94$, etc. 

In this exemple we don't take in consideration all profits added in the revenue sharing pool each week from our external income streams and all adpacks sold each days but yes this situation can be possible sometimes.

In how many time i will receive my money?

All payouts are processed within 72H.

How can i join your program?

Simply hit the registration button and in 1 minutes you can have your own account.

What is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit is $5

Do members have to surf to earn?

Yes. You need to surf at least 10 sites, 

Is World Revshare free to join?

Yes. World Revshare is free to join. Free members can join and earn 10% referral commission in three levels ( 5%, 3%, 2%).

What is the service we're paying for?

You are paying for multiple type of advertisements depending on your choice which in return you get Ad credit which you can use to display your business opportunity.
You will receive a lot of credits for each pack purchased.

What type of banner size can i advertise?

We accept 125x125, 468x60, Banners + text ads only

What is the minimum withdrawal Amount ?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2 and no maximum.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes. Any personal information that you provide to us is collected solely for our use and your information will never be shared, rented, sold or provided to anyone except as required by law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Can i register if i am outside USA?

Yes, you can, everyone worldwide is welcomed.

Why become VIP on World Revshare?

Become VIP is a good investment because you will get access to more special adpacks with higher profits like 200% or 300% after expiration.